Synology Alarm Clock – Main Settings

To start at the scheduled time, Synology AlarmClock uses the built-in task DiskStation scheduler. Therefore, you must specify the account with rights for adding tasks to the built-in scheduler. For example, it may be the system administrator account.

Click on “Settings” button on the toolbar.


A window for entering a name and password for the account will be opened.


Accout permission settings to use with Alarm Clock

For use in Synology Alarm Clock, you should select or create an account, with special permissions:


1) To get playlists and players information from Audio Station, your account should have special permissions:

  • Open Control Panel window -> User tab
  • Select account you want to use in alarm clock
  • Press “[Edit]” button in the toolbar
  • In account settings window, select Applications tab
  • Check for allow “Audio Station” application and press “[OK]” button


2) To play music to external DLNA or USB sound device, your accound should have special “USB/DLNA Renderer” permission in Audio Station:

  • Open Audio Station
  • Press “[Settings]” button in toolbar
  • Select “Privileges” tab
  • Check for your account the “USB/DLNA Renderer” permission


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