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    Hi i am here again 🙂

    i would be nice if i can set a repeat value.. like
    set alarm to 12:00 and repeat it hourly till 15:00 (ore 5times)

    Greetings from Germany…



    And is it possible to select more tha one device? Mulible dlna devices that would be great….

    see you




    An idea : capability to send string by HTTP and by using GET or PUT… or more better : capability to pilot an amplifier Yamaha, Onkyo, Marantz, etc…

    Why this one ? simply because i have an audio/video amplifier (Yamaha HTR-4065) and i’d like to power on and have possibility to send music on it when it’s on !

    Note: Yamaha is not the only construtor that use HTTP (SOAP or XML) to pilot there system. If you want more detail, contact me.

    Thank’s again for your application




    I would like, if possible, the following option. (i’m using the qnap version)

    * Insert a Title for each alarm, so it’s easier to organize them

    * to have a webpage accessible without authentification and with only the option to enable or disable an alarm (and not to modify it). The best will be to allow such an access only from local network or/and from internet. So that I can setup an easy webpage access for my wife without headache (high WAF needed !! :-P). For the moment, you have no access at all, or all access even to core parameters. You may go further in this direction, and create a system with “templates” which may allow a user (anonymous or not) to create an alarm with only day and hour option

    * Export and Import parameters/Alarm (for backup purposes)

    I just start to use your product. If I have more remarks, i will add a comment
    Guillaume S.

    Sergei Parfenov

    Thank you.
    Good suggestion, I will keep in mind

    Hunter Murray

    Perhaps it would be great to have the Alarm clock control/stream video playlists also to say a google chrome cast or standard media player or smart tv…Synology’s Video app doe the streaming already just need to have a timer to start it??


    On my speaker a volume of 5% is too loud for me. 0% is mute; so volume settings smaller then 5% would be nice.

    R P

    Alarm clock is a great tool especially as its on the NAS. The following additional features would even make it more versatile:

    1. In addition to a ‘fade in’ option add also a ‘fade out’ option.
    2. Sort the list of scheduled alarms on time.
    3. have the ability – e.g. with a check box – to enable / disable selected alarms.
    4. Add hourly alarms.

    Sergei Parfenov

    Hello, R.P.

    1. In addition to a ‘fade in’ option add also a ‘fade out’ option.
    — you could set start volume louder than end volume. So the volume will fade out. Try it

    3. have the ability – e.g. with a check box – to enable / disable selected alarms.
    — in alarm list you can see the checkbox in first column. If you check it, the alarm will play on schedule. If you turn it off (and save), the alarm will stay in list but will not start on schedule.

    All these features are working in latest version – 2_1_0001.
    You can download it here – http://www.nasalarmclock.com/downloads/synology/


    I’d suggest that you rename the ‘Run’ button as ‘Test’ and that when the pop-up comes up that it provide confirmation of the actual activities carried out ie ‘log-in confirmed’, ‘Port Found’, ‘Player connected’, ‘Playlist Found’ etc etc. At the moment I can press run but doesn’t necessary mean that the alarm is going to work. It needs some bullet proofing to ensure that the alarm is indeed going to work when required.

    In the Alarm Clock – Settings screen, after typing in user name and password and pressing save there should be some sort of confirmation that it has indeed been saved. At the moment I have to close back out and then go in again just to be sure.

    A ‘Stop’ button or similar might be handy for some on both the NAS app and mobile app. Nothing worse than forgetting an unwanted alarm is on and then having to struggle to turn it off. At the moment I have to get to the player to turn it off.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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