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Is there any update regarding issue on Qnap ?

I would like to add more feedback.

The software is not working very well. I’ve been using it since 3 weeks with 2 alarms, setup on 2 different devices and I’m facing random errors almost every 2-3 days. The music just stops suddenly after 3-10minutes, or even sometimes it fails at the very beginning. In the logs I can only see an “unknown” error

<QDocRoot version=”1.0″><status>-19</status><msg>Unknown error</msg></QDocRoot>

I’m playing on 2 different devices (1 sonos play 1, and 1 sony SA-NS510). There are working like a charm – I’ve never faced any issues when I playing from Qnap Music player or from twonsky.

To be frank, if these issues are not solved, I will have to find another solution as until now, Alarmclock is not reliable on qnap and cannot be use to wake me up in the morning (as it fails from time to time).
It’s very disappointed.