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I would like, if possible, the following option. (i’m using the qnap version)

* Insert a Title for each alarm, so it’s easier to organize them

* to have a webpage accessible without authentification and with only the option to enable or disable an alarm (and not to modify it). The best will be to allow such an access only from local network or/and from internet. So that I can setup an easy webpage access for my wife without headache (high WAF needed !! :-P). For the moment, you have no access at all, or all access even to core parameters. You may go further in this direction, and create a system with “templates” which may allow a user (anonymous or not) to create an alarm with only day and hour option

* Export and Import parameters/Alarm (for backup purposes)

I just start to use your product. If I have more remarks, i will add a comment
Guillaume S.