Download QNAP AlarmClock package

A Install package from package center   B Download and install the package manually
Don’t forget to get trial license after installing the package.

No limitations during 30-days trial period


A Install QNAP Alarm Clock package from package center

  • Open App Center
  • Select Home Automation menu
  • Select and install AlarmClock package


B Manual download and install QNAP Alarm Clock package

Step 1

Download the package:

Click “Save link as…” and save the package to your local disc.


Step 2

Log into your QNAP NAS as administrator.

Open App Center.

Press Manual install button on the toolbar.

Press “Browse…” button.

Select package file from your local disk.

Press “Install” button.


Step 3

Check that new package “Alarm Clock” is appeared in the AppCenter.