NAS Alarm Clock package turns your Synology or QNAP NAS into an intelligent music alarm clock.

At the appointed time, you will be awakened by the gentle sounds of your favorite melody.

  • You can choose to play any playlist from configured in AudioStation, or created specifically for this purpose.
  • Music can play through a connected to your NAS USB sound card or speakers, as well as any available in AudioStation network player by DLNA or AirPlay protocol.
  • You can set different playlists to different days of week.
  • Set up multiple alarms with different settings (time, player, playlist).
  • For each alarm clock, the play time is set.
  • You can adjust the fade playback to your awakening was more pleasant.


… see detailed description for your NAS:



AlarmClock package for Synology NAS


AlarmClock package for QNAP NAS