Adding new musical alarm

The main window consists of a toolbar (1), the list of tasks (2) and the settings panel for the selected task (3).


  • Click “Create” button to add a new task (alarm). The new task will be added to the task list.
  • Select the new task in the list.
  • In the task settings panel, you can adjust the settings of the selected task:
    • Select the days of the week, when fire alarm. Set the time.
    • Select a playlist. You see a list of playlists that are configured in AudioStation. You can create (in AudioStation) special playlist for your alarm clock.
    • Select the device to play from the list of devices available in the AudioStation. This can be a USB sound card or USB speakers or a network player supporting DLNA protocol or AirPlay.
    • Set the playing time (in minutes). After a specified time, the playback will stop (and you can continue to sleep 🙂 )
    • Adjust the fade. Specify the starting and ending volume, and the time during which the volume will increase. If the specified time is less than the total duration of the sound, playback will continue with the final volume all the time remaining.
    • All the settings you have made for the task appear in the task list. But there will not be saved in the settings DiskStation.
  • Tasks with unsaved changes are marked with red bullet.
  • To save all of your settings, click “Save” button on the toolbar. All the settings will be saved to DiskStation storage and the main task scheduler DiskStation will be added to the task you have configured alarms.
  • “Delete” button deletes the selected task from the task list.
  • “Reset” button returns the task list to the last saved state if you inadvertently delete any task or chose wrong settings.
  • The “Start” button launches the selected alarm now, so you can check it without waiting for the scheduled time. If you launch fails, you will see the window with information about the error.

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