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    hello there.

    I’m getting some problems trying to setup four different alarms.
    When I set up the alamrs, the Airport Express shows up on the Device list. But I think that when I save the alarms, the fact that the Airport Express is disconnected, might cause some problem to the saving procedure.

    I can explain: I have an Airport Express and a set of speakers connected to a timmer controled power outlet. The objective is to only power up both a 5 minutes before the DS Alarm Clock triggers, and to shutdown the Airport and speakers a few minutes after the DS Alarm Clock ends.

    I created the schedules with the Airport Express off, but still, it’s present in the Device list.

    If you need more info about it, I can post a clean log.

    Thanks in advance!

    Sergei Parfenov

    Yes, please send me a log.

    I try to explain the logig is used for selecting and saving devices in device list.

    When you open AlarmClock app (web or mobile) the device list is generated and it will contain devices active in this moment. So if your device is unavailable in this moment, it will not included in device list.
    But there is one trick.
    If this device is already used in one of task, it also will included in device list, even if it is switched off.

    And in this case there will be no troubles with saving.

    Do you have any real troubles ?
    Please explain more detailed and sen log.


    Hello Sergei!

    Thanks but I was just being dumb. The selected playlist was empty, so it was impossible to play any music as expected.
    I confirm what you said about the device list but only if I edit a previously saved task with the “offline device”, created when it was online. Creating a new one doesn’t show the non-connected devices as expected.
    Anyway, thanks for the fast reply and many many thanks for creating the best way to wake up, using a Synology!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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