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    Hello there.

    Since the latest updates to DSM, the Alarm Clock stopped working.
    I selected the “Play & Wait” option on the scheduler. I notice that the playlist is loaded but the play doesn’t occurs.
    The main error in the log is an error on the file audiostation.py, apparently.

    Screenshots and log in attach.



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    Have the same error, looks like Alarm cant get a list of DLNA devices. No idea how it can be fixed.


    Alarm went off this morning and error seems to have disappeared. Not that I changed anything.


    I fixed this error accidentally. I reinstalled the package and created a new rule in Google Chrome and it works.
    Probably the error appears when Safari or the iOS app is used. I noticed that the iOS app doesn’t have the “Turn on player” option, and it might screw the alarm rule, because it doesn’t pass that parameter. Safari might not be working correctly so I suggest to use only Google Chrome to edit the rules.


    I noticed also that the iOS app doesnt have that option. My speaker seems to work best when it is turned to ‘no’ and the iOS app will blank this setting which seems to create problems. I have no fully tested it but seems to be a(nother) problem.


    Bad news. The error is happening again. Some data is not being correctly passed into the audiostation.py

    players = playersData[‘data’][‘players’]
    KeyError: ‘data’



    I had this error come up again. Its related to the inability of NAS Alarm being able to find the devices to play on ie remote speaker. When it occurred I opened the alarm and the scheduled item in question and what I noticed was that I was unable to change the device, in fact no other available devices were shown. I opened audiostation and similarly there were no available devices. A quick fix for this is to restart audiostation through package centre. I still dont know why this occurs or how as there is nothing happening either on the NAS or in NAS Alarm that I can think of to cause it but it appears more likely to be an issue with Audiostation rather than NAS Alarm.


    It’s related to the Alarm Clock, Terry.
    If you rollback the Alarm Clock to the previous version, all works fine.
    That’s what I did until an update fix.



    I had these same issues that resolved when I disabled IGMP snooping for my LAN, on my router. I got the idea from this link:


    The link suggests an IGMP proxy. I didn’t try that.


    That said, I just toggled IGMP snooping off after running the alarm and it still works.

    My pet theory–I don’t have a good enough understanding of networks to be sure but I have enough to be dangerous–is that the IGMP snooping initially prevented multicast streaming between the NAS and the speaker, but that after an initial connection was made, the unique ID (UUID) of the speaker was saved as a parameter and could be targeted.

    Still not sure why only the alarm was an issue and I was able to get playback to that speaker on NAS Alarm Clock’s “Run” click or via AudioStation GUI.

    For what it’s worth, this NAS Alarm Clock log shows successful alarm initiation from a kickoff at 22:56:00 to a delayed speaker “wait & play” at 22:56:24:

    2021-01-24 22:56:00,462 DEBUG [scheduler run task] play_6265B6EA-92D8-4306-BFA4-B2E56C2BA3E6
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,463 INFO [server playAlarm]
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,463 INFO [ASPlayer.PlayGUID] 6265B6EA-92D8-4306-BFA4-B2E56C2BA3E6
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,463 INFO [tasks.get_tasks]
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,463 INFO Read tasks information from file
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,464 INFO [ASPlayer.PlayTask]
    “device”: “Bedroom (HEOS 5)”,
    “duration”: “60”,
    “hour”: “22”,
    “id”: “6265B6EA-92D8-4306-BFA4-B2E56C2BA3E6”,
    “minute”: “56”,
    “on”: “1”,
    “playlist”: “playlist_shared_normal/2”,
    “schedule”: “0,1,2,3,4,5,6”,
    “shuffle”: “false”,
    “volume1”: “20”,
    “volume2”: “40”,
    “volumetime”: “10”,
    “wakeup”: “wait”
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,464 INFO login:
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,464 INFO [Login.login]
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,464 INFO [Login.ReadAccount]
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,465 DEBUG [EXEC] : SYNO.Core.System | info | 1
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,602 DEBUG [EXEC] : SYNO.MediaServer.ClientList | list_client | 1
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,782 INFO login ok. sid = gHks8wn1N8izCIkK4DCQIp-Ga0OfBjCbuwSny5mTbhMUdd-CqFaF3lQqX_RYhXo9Ub13O8_ewvB7gqCfymPpTs
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,783 INFO select player
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,783 INFO [players.selectPlayer] Bedroom (HEOS 5)
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,783 INFO player found: uuid:9b21a16e-661b-1fac-0080-0005cdd8e1da
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,783 INFO set shuffle: False
    2021-01-24 22:56:00,784 DEBUG [POST] data: api=SYNO.AudioStation.RemotePlayer&version=2&method=control&action=set_shuffle&value=False&id=uuid%3A9b21a16e-661b-1fac-0080-0005cdd8e1da
    2021-01-24 22:56:01,216 INFO set playlist
    2021-01-24 22:56:01,216 INFO [AudioStation.setPlaylist] playlist_shared_normal/2
    2021-01-24 22:56:01,216 INFO [AudioStation.stop]
    2021-01-24 22:56:01,216 INFO [AudioStation.stopPlayer]
    2021-01-24 22:56:01,217 DEBUG [POST] data: api=SYNO.AudioStation.RemotePlayer&version=2&method=control&action=stop&id=uuid%3A9b21a16e-661b-1fac-0080-0005cdd8e1da
    2021-01-24 22:56:01,624 DEBUG [POST] data: api=SYNO.AudioStation.RemotePlayer&version=2&method=getplaylist&id=uuid%3A9b21a16e-661b-1fac-0080-0005cdd8e1da&library=shared&containers_json=[{“type”:”playlist”,”id”:”playlist_shared_normal/2″}]
    2021-01-24 22:56:02,041 DEBUG 8 songs was in playlist. Clear
    2021-01-24 22:56:02,042 DEBUG [POST] data: api=SYNO.AudioStation.RemotePlayer&version=2&method=updateplaylist&id=uuid%3A9b21a16e-661b-1fac-0080-0005cdd8e1da&library=shared&offset=0&limit=8&play=true&containers_json=[{“type”:”playlist”,”id”:”playlist_shared_normal/2″}]
    2021-01-24 22:56:02,537 DEBUG [wakeup.doWakeup] method = wait
    2021-01-24 22:56:02,538 DEBUG [POST] data: api=SYNO.AudioStation.RemotePlayer&version=2&method=control&action=set_volume&value=0&id=uuid%3A9b21a16e-661b-1fac-0080-0005cdd8e1da
    2021-01-24 22:56:02,947 INFO [AudioStation.play]
    2021-01-24 22:56:02,948 DEBUG [POST] data: api=SYNO.AudioStation.RemotePlayer&version=2&method=control&action=play&value=0&id=uuid%3A9b21a16e-661b-1fac-0080-0005cdd8e1da
    2021-01-24 22:56:03,562 INFO [AudioStation.stop]
    2021-01-24 22:56:03,563 INFO [AudioStation.stopPlayer]
    2021-01-24 22:56:03,563 DEBUG [POST] data: api=SYNO.AudioStation.RemotePlayer&version=2&method=control&action=stop&id=uuid%3A9b21a16e-661b-1fac-0080-0005cdd8e1da
    2021-01-24 22:56:03,971 DEBUG sleep some second – wait device for wakeup
    2021-01-24 22:56:23,974 DEBUG [POST] data: api=SYNO.AudioStation.RemotePlayer&version=2&method=control&action=set_volume&value=20&id=uuid%3A9b21a16e-661b-1fac-0080-0005cdd8e1da
    2021-01-24 22:56:24,389 DEBUG volume start = 20.000000, volume end = 40.000000, delta = 0.033333. [3600.000000 , 600.000000]
    2021-01-24 22:56:24,389 INFO play. from song num = 0
    2021-01-24 22:56:24,389 INFO [AudioStation.play]

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