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I do not recommend installing the software. He was unreliable from the beginning, sometimes waking up, sometimes not. I did not receive the license key automatically generated, I had to get it only upon request from the author. The alarm clock worked unreliable for a while. After setting up 2-step verification to log in to NAS, Synology stopped working completely. At the same time, the author knows very well that he does not work with two-phase verification and does nothing about it. It is the software of the aggressor’s developing state, which by its actions has recently proved that it cannot be trusted. I don’t want any software on the NAS that I can’t trust. I uninstalled the software and I never want to have anything at home that comes from Russia. I hate all the Russian occupiers who occupied us in 1968. I remember my frightened parents very well after the occupation at that time. As can be seen, Russia has not changed since then. They have the same future as Germany after World War II. Karma is free. You get asshole just like in Afghanistan.