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I’d suggest that you rename the ‘Run’ button as ‘Test’ and that when the pop-up comes up that it provide confirmation of the actual activities carried out ie ‘log-in confirmed’, ‘Port Found’, ‘Player connected’, ‘Playlist Found’ etc etc. At the moment I can press run but doesn’t necessary mean that the alarm is going to work. It needs some bullet proofing to ensure that the alarm is indeed going to work when required.

In the Alarm Clock – Settings screen, after typing in user name and password and pressing save there should be some sort of confirmation that it has indeed been saved. At the moment I have to close back out and then go in again just to be sure.

A ‘Stop’ button or similar might be handy for some on both the NAS app and mobile app. Nothing worse than forgetting an unwanted alarm is on and then having to struggle to turn it off. At the moment I have to get to the player to turn it off.